How to earn money from youtube

How to earn money from youtube

Hello friends,today i am showing you how to earn money from youtube.You all know that youtube is a big video sharing platform.In india many youtube video creators are available.

What is criteria for applying to earn money from youtube?

  • You must have google account.
  • At least you are 18 year old.

How to earn money from youtube & How to make money from youtube?

Here is the steps to create youtube video creator account.

  • First open your browser and search youtube.
  • In youtube click on top right corner (see screen shoots below)

  • Now go to my channel section  (see screen shoots below)

  • In my channel section fill your  channel name and press “create channel” Button.
  • Now click on customize channel button & Upload channel art,it means cover photo of your channel.
  • Fill description about your channel.

How to upload video in youtube?

Follow the steps to upload video in youtube:
  • Go to youtube log in your youtube channel.
  • Now click  in ⇑ this type of icon (see screen shoots below)

  • Choose your file to upload or Drag your file and drop it.

Now you are video creator of youtube.

How to monatize youtube channel?

Monatize means make money from youtube.

Follow these steps to Monetize your youtube channel:
  • Open youtube
  • Go to “Creator Studio”
  • In creator studio click on channel button (see screen shoots below)

  • Now click  on enable Monetization.
  • In Monetization click on start button and accept their Terms & Condition.
  • Now create adsense account & set Monetization preferences.
  • Next Submit your channel for review.

In this time  your youtube channel must at least 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 Subscribers for send your channel in review.

How to live stream youtube?

Here is the steps to start live stream on your youtube channel:
  • First open youtube.
  • Go to creator studio.
  • Now  find “live streaming” button and click on it ( see screen shoots below)

  • In live streaming click on get started button.
  • Now verify your phone number to enable live streaming.

Now all settings is done.Enjoy & Earn money from youtube.

If you have any information or have a  question,Post a comment,I will reply to you.


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