A 20-Year-Old Supermodel’s Husband Marries Her After She’s Three Weeks Into a New Life

See how these 2 got together and ended up having a 20-year affair http://t.co/iIqqF3n4Zi — People magazine (@people) August 13, 2015

Doug Araujo had stopped talking to Naomi Azaruk after two weeks of dating. He was working in Wyoming, she lived in Abu Dhabi. But, when he found out she was just starting a new phase of her life, he did the only thing that made sense: He asked her to be his wife. And then they had a daughter. And now? “We just kept hitting it off,” he says. “You just know it. You can’t fake it.”

On the day that Araujo proposed, during a car ride through Las Vegas, Azaruk couldn’t agree to the marriage. At first, she was reluctant to leave her new hometown of Abu Dhabi and move to a completely new country. And then, she was invited to Thanksgiving dinner with a few friends, one of whom was Araujo.

“You know Doug is dead to me for a few days after,” she told him, telling him, “You are my best friend. I love you. You need to come here. I need you here.” She asked him to marry her and when they met up a few days later, she said yes.

The story has touched so many that Azaruk has been showing it to family and friends, many of whom are married, or just about, and talking about their spouses. She also writes about her experience in a new book.

Araujo didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.


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