Kering tells ‘House of Gucci’ producers to ‘correct’ inaccuracies

Citing inaccuracies, the owner of Gucci says the film “House of Gucci” is “anything but accurate.”

About 100 people attended a protest against the movie held in Hollywood on Wednesday.

The film, which includes actor Marcello Fonte, tells the true story of Gucci’s former head of women’s and accessories, Patrizio Di Marco, who was charged with insider trading by a judge in May 2016.

Gucci is owned by Kering SA, a French company.

Kering’s president and CEO Francois-Henri Pinault, who owns a stake in Gucci, sent a letter to the film’s producers about the authenticity of the film, in which he points out a “number of errors.” He writes that most of the film’s story is based on the unverified novel “Gucci Bonanza,” by Italy’s Salvatore “Sal” Fontana, which should not be used to tell a Gucci story.

Pinault also notes that the film was not authorized by Gucci and does not include interviews with other key figures involved.

Pinault, who is Kering’s chairman and controlling shareholder, says there are “misunderstandings” and “omissions” in the movie, and goes on to say “there are obvious inaccuracies.”

Ticket prices range from $14 to $35.

Gucci’s shareholders issued the letter today, which criticized the film.

“We do not presume to know the deepest motivations of the filmmakers, but doubt that these would have been exclusive, unique experiences given that [the film] was commissioned with a long-standing commitment to publish the source material, ‘Gucci Bonanza,’ under embargo,” Gucci shareholders said in a statement.

Gucci, is owned by French fashion and luxury goods company Kering SA.

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