Only in Arizona: A 180-degree infinity pool

In case you needed another reason to consider visiting the Topaz, a luxury five-star resort on the Arizona/Utah border, it’s now got an infinity pool, located at over 160 feet above sea level, that lets you stare down onto the surrounding sand dunes with complete abandon.

The pool takes up 45,000 square feet. Can’t even stretch to the corners!

It’s part of the “Oaks, Desert and Sand” package available at the hotel, along with a shower that extends over the hotel’s rock-gazing terrace and a room with a private bellot cellar (oops!). You can get there from the Virgin River Valley by private flight or helicopter. You can hop on the Desert Express or maybe The Chevy.

You could even snag a place at the pool, which overlooks the Truckee River through a glass window. Or maybe just spend it lounging at one of the hotel’s many private villas.

“At Topaz, you will see and experience everything. The only thing missing is a Picasso on the wall.”

For a sneak peek of what it’s like to play Jenga and go over a glass wall at the pool’s lookout spot, visit the hotel’s website.


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