Peng Shuai: IOC member confirms Chinese player is ‘fine’ after forfeit

Media playback is not supported on this device The Glock Group explain how they docked Peng Shuai a day’s competition

Peng Shuai is “fine”, says an International Olympic Committee member.

The Chinese tennis player forfeited her first-round match at the Wuhan Open against Alize Cornet because her coach touched her racquet.

Frenchwoman Cornet went on to win but Peng was subsequently docked a day’s tournament and the French Tennis Federation fined her around £7,500.

“It’s a unanimous conclusion in my committee that Peng Shuai is fine,” said the IOC’s Dick Pound.

The decision regarding Peng was taken at the IOC’s “inquiry panel” in Doha.

The IOC sport commission chair had urged Peng to talk to Cornet about the incident, which he called “undignified”.

The WTA announced it was investigating the case after Peng’s forfeit, which began on 10 September, but that, at the request of the Chinese player, it had decided not to pursue disciplinary action.

However, the International Tennis Federation subsequently announced the 29-year-old would be given a “learning experience” which would allow her to face Cornet again.

This time it will not be on the same court but on another court to allow Peng to continue her campaign.

“I have absolutely no desire for Peng to actually lose any prize money that’s meant to be for her,” added Pound.

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