Remembering the romantic web romances destroyed by infidelity

On Wednesday, thousands of marriages and new relationships dissolved in London. While many couples and partners got down on their knees to renew their vows in Britain’s largest-ever UK marriage expo, 64-year-old Gail Kitching from north Wales decided to display her own “ruined” love story.

Gail was brave enough to share the details of her misfortune. She was getting ready to leave home for what would become a short-lived relationship with a young man who she met in Tesco and fell for in a tragic, online crush. Gail recalls, “I was sobbing. I cried. It was my dream to meet this boy that I saw on the internet. The lads that I was crushing on were dead to me, but this was someone I could talk to and build a friendship with.”

She told her story in a still poignant video, where she acts out the every day parts of their doomed romance, most relevant to young people and couples online. However, the video also captures how intensely emotional her ordeal got. Watch Gail’s tale below and enjoy some of the best love stories and home videos that even Baddiel and Skinner couldn’t screw up.

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