Denver had its driest, warmest and least-snowy September in the city’s recorded history


We had the driest, warmest and least-snowy September on record in Denver, the National Weather Service reported.

“This September was not a typical, long, cold September with a lot of cold, wet storms,” according to the weather service. Instead, the city had “slightly warmer, drier, and much less snow than average.”

The average precipitation is only 26.6 inches, compared with 37.3 inches in Denver in 2016 and 42.2 inches in 2017.

There were two consecutive record warm days in September, one for 81 degrees and another for 82 degrees. There were no 60-degree days. Denver had only 12.3 inches of snow in September, compared with the seasonal average of 17.2 inches.

Tuesday was a gorgeous but dry day. The high temperature reached 89 degrees, making it the seventh warmest day of the year. The average September temperature was 72 degrees. That means the city was at its second-warmest temperature in history.

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