Portable chair, step stool and wall-mounted tilt table


A national planning process for rolling out the sandwich-size chairs to older residents – and alongside older Britons needing more care and support, their NHS spending is falling. There is evidence from the 2013 National Infirmary survey that less than 15% of the nursing homes have shown any interest in the products so far. From legislation, to government guidance and public awareness campaigns, the food will have to adapt to an ageing UK if the need for enabling equipment is to be met.

Advice will come from tender completion for design, production and supply of the brackets for the adjustable chairs; the contract is awarded by the NHS in March 2018. “We see this contract as the last piece of the jigsaw,” says Adrian Wilkins, managing director of Snatchers UK. “Retailer interest, much less so. However there is a growing buzz in the media and some housebuilding consultants are moving in this direction.”


He predicts that, in three to five years, there will be “local hubs which will produce the brackets for every home in the country. The staff will enjoy being able to design, produce and test how people respond to the products, while the home is to reap the benefits of having a marketing tool for marketing – three formats at different prices”.

Wilkins adds that he believes “the cost of the UK healthcare system can be reduced substantially. If the public and private sectors work together, major strides can be made”.


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