This year, Lexi and Bella are the most popular names for female puppies

National Pet Name Day on Tuesday came to a close, but one thing remains: The American Pet Products Association reported today that today’s pet names remain among the most popular of the past century.

Popular 2018 male and female names can be found in top-10 lists over the past decade. They’re also the top three most popular names on Twitter in recent weeks and the top names for junior pets.

While we’ve seen old names like Gus, Chachi and Burt rise in popularity, this year some first-time names got in on the fun. Names like Bairbre, Lacey and Canutti were notable new additions. And for pet owners who took on new pets over the past year, the ADPA’s research shows that there’s a significant shift in baby names, too.

In 2018, there were a record number of puppies and kittens named Max. This year also saw the most popular male names for kittens: Peyton, Teasel and Jojo.

Female names for kittens were also up significantly in 2018: Leah was the fourth most popular name, according to the latest data. Domoaromer and Isobel were the fastest rising names for cats. These are likely relatable names for owners who chose to name their cats, just as animals like Bonnie and Chico are popular names for dogs. In addition, Nash, Olivia and Maya were name people chose for their dogs in 2018.

Lexi, Emma and Olivia are the three most popular names for girls. Males who also want to put a cute face on their pet — or names for their newborn children — should consider these familiar faces: Asher, Charlie, Charlie Red or Charlie Faith.

Top pets names in 2018

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