How to ‘space on the wing’ at 26,000 miles per hour

Written by By Vikrit Varma, CNN

Space is no place for claustrophobia. Just ask the crew of the International Space Station, who just did their first ever space mission and got to “space on the wing.”

That’s because on Sunday, Expedition 56 commander Alexey Ovchinin had to make a tough choice: two kinds of peppers, Slices Ngowi and Black Forest or Roasted Banana for the space-scented Kessel Run Challenge.

Astronaut Winter was kind enough to give us all a taste of the occasion via NASA for an in-flight press conference

“I chose the Roasted Banana,” he said. “It’s white from all the sweetness, the roasted banana and the spice of the ketchup, all that’s wrapped together and grilled — it’s one of my favorite things to eat.”

“But the air and the particles there, it’s kinda strange to eat — but it’s exactly the same level as a finger would get.”

This was Ovchinin’s second adventure in space. He was the first Russian cosmonaut to walk in space, it’s just the second time a Russian cosmonaut has this feat, history tells us.

Since their most recent mission, the ISS crew has spent 29 days outside the space station, by NASA’s metric, the “dust” is fortunately a bit smoother — those longer shifts inside the cramped quarters have been cut in half.

Now watch as the team settles in for their mission.

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