Oklahoma man on ‘terror watch list’ arrested outside Tulsa airport after alleged attempt to kill wife

A 62-year-old Oklahoma man, taken into custody by police on Friday after allegedly attempting to shoot his wife outside of Tulsa’s Tulsa International Airport, is expected to face several charges including attempted second-degree murder, KJRH reports.

Brian Crummy, of Yukon, reportedly got into an argument with his wife, Kerri Crummy, on Friday morning at a nearby hotel and later attempted to shoot her outside of the airport, airport police spokesman Morgan Bentley told the Associated Press. She had been trying to board a plane, police said.

Witnesses told KJRH that Brian Crummy had been arguing with his wife before the shooting, which took place in a grassy area about 40 feet from the Southwest Airlines ticket counter. They said that Brian Crummy acted erratically and began firing a gun while his wife remained below.

Brian Crummy was taken into custody immediately after the incident by airport police, according to the AP. TSA agents at the airport also assisted in bringing him to the hospital.

See the full Fox News report below.

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