Migrant caravan ends up in Mexico after being intercepted in Veracruz

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Authorities find migrants hidden in two trailers in Veracruz

A caravan of 600 Honduran migrants was intercepted by Mexican authorities on Thursday in Veracruz state, state officials said.

The Mexican government deployed thousands of troops and police to Veracruz, across from Guatemala, in October in a bid to stop the influx of Central American migrants on the so-called “La Mesa” route.

Some participants in the caravan that set out in mid-October from Honduras had embarked on this route, prompting criticism from politicians and residents who say the migrants are trying to undermine the economic and social fabric of their communities.

“Our mission is to provide them with humanitarian assistance and to facilitate their return,” said Patricia Adame, head of the Veracruz state prosecutor’s office.

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The migrants were found inside two trucks that were about to be transported to a migrant shelter near Tabasco state, she said.

“They told us that there were no problems with their country (Honduras) and that they were headed to North America,” Adame said.

Mexico has stepped up enforcement along its southern border, where thousands of Central American migrants continue to transited.

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