The Simpsons air until two episodes are found in Disney streaming service

Conspiracy theorists have found a significant hole in the Disney streaming service’s local video catalogue. In all five seasons of The Simpsons, two episodes have been conspicuous by their absence – now they appear in just two.

The Simpsons has been airing for 28 years, but it’s not even a hundred episodes in for the Disney service. It’s apparent Disney are at the start of licensing negotiations. Fans can still see episodes on Hulu, where a sixth season was recorded on high definition, not standard definition.

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Episode 500, “Fezziwig’s Plan” from season eight, aired in Hong Kong on 24 September 2017. Episode 502, “Homer & Lisa Take Manhattan” from season eight, aired in Hong Kong on 14 December 2017. By the third episode in the most recent season, Episode 619, “Homer’s Nephew” from season 15, “The Taiwanese Plunge” aired in Hong Kong on 2 March 2018. Finally, Episode 859 “Marge and Jack” from season 16, “Wells’ Ring” aired in Hong Kong on 8 March 2018.

Missing episodes aren’t unique to Disney. Deadpool 2 has yet to be released to UK or US theatres but it has been touted as a big Disney release and the studio’s film team recently said the sequel “would be released in cinemas around the world simultaneously”. Last week, if a post on an official Disney fan account was to be believed, all 11 games from the Titanfall 2 campaign are also missing from Disney+, which is thought to be a cross-platform service also including Disney and Pixar animation and live-action content.

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