Alec Baldwin on his real-life wife and the inspiration for his character in ‘Rust & Bone’

Alec Baldwin will talk about his “movie-in-progress” Rust & Bone, his acclaimed performance as a man with a tragic past whose life is cruelly halted when he steps in for a marine after a skiing accident, and how he pulled it off in a video interview with Sarah Silverman that will air Wednesday on HSN.

In the interview, set to air Thursday, the actor will discuss the process of shooting Rust & Bone and its influence on his work with the household objects he carries on screen. “I have an almost unparalleled ability to mimic people,” he says in the interview, which also features his real-life wife, Hilaria Baldwin, who translates the actor’s off-the-cuff comments into Spanish. “Maybe that’s a curse or blessing, depending on how you look at it.” In addition to Rust & Bone, Baldwin will also say how during the filming of Beetlejuice, he met his wife, and will also describe the beginning of his relationship with the couple’s 4-year-old daughter, Carmen Gabriela.

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