Britain’s ‘Lip Sync Battle’ becomes a holiday event after Elton John and Adam Lambert join forces

The British public has taken to Adam Lambert’s performing of the old Eagles classic “Take It Easy” in the latest episode of Lip Sync Battle. The Idol winner made a surprise guest appearance, and announced in the middle of the performance that he’d be performing “Take It Easy” with none other than Elton John himself.

Both artists kept it subtle in their performances, and Elton chose to sing the mellow version of the standard without the signature top hat, while Ed put on a special coat and hat to match Lambert’s. “I chose the Eagles because I grew up in West London, I’m British, and my song ‘Take It Easy’ was a Christmas song and I was 12 years old,” Elton explained when Lambert asked him to pick a popular holiday song to cover. “And I played it all the time and I loved it and for years and years, I’ve wondered what could be different, so this is the way we can do it.” Elton added that he wanted a partnership with Lambert, a singer who’s been “serving up songs that are really good for late at night” with his hit albums.

Ed’s halftime performance was far more bombastic, however, as he and current SNL host Andy Samberg dressed up as the King and Queen from Beauty and the Beast and performed a mashup of their respective hits “Shape of You” and “Cold Water.” At one point, the pair picked up a broom and danced with it at the start of their performance before warbling through some Bollywood-inspired choreography to the tune of “Channa Mereya.”

To be sure, the American Red Cross got into the holiday spirit as well with an appearance by Frances McDormand and Bradley Cooper, who performed “This Christmas” alongside family, as well as Janet Jackson, who performed and danced with the children of children from the child protective services of Maricopa County in Arizona.

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