Jimmy Kimmel explains painful Thanksgiving hair fire

Jimmy Kimmel has opened up about the painful moment his hair began to burn on Thanksgiving Day, joking on social media that the accident could have been caused by going outside in the cold.

“I have a curious detail about the events of one of the happiest nights of my life that bears repeating,” Kimmel wrote on Twitter.

Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel) I would like to share this first picture with you and these words. I took this picture after I turned around and realized my hair was on fire. pic.twitter.com/L3A2ftvj2a

Kimmel said his wife had been feeding him a mountain of bourbon on the turkey day. “I had a glass of bourbon and a joke when I took a leap of faith and tried to do a jump challenge with my 10-year-old nephew,” he said. “He missed, but I did quite well.”

Kimmel said he had joked with his wife about him “tricking” a child into doing a funny pose for a dare, and it was at this point his 12 year-old “Heliotrope” nephew threw a woolen scarf on his head and another scarf onto the ground.

The host of the ABC talk show shared a photo of his hair beginning to ignite as he tried to put it out. “But it wasn’t just my hair that was on fire. My teeth were too,” he said.

Kimmel wrote on Twitter and Facebook on Monday: “I wish I could say this could have all been avoided, but it was my way of getting some attention.”

He said it could have been worse had he been drinking and sent a “funny photo” to his followers.

“Thanksgiving dinner was tough, so nothing makes me feel better than showing people I’m still alive. Happy Thanksgiving!”

Afterwards Kimmel shared another snap of his hair wrapped in a black bandanna.

Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel) @elmotheman I have a curious detail about the events of one of the happiest nights of my life that bears repeating. pic.twitter.com/X2tOfI94RW

Kimmel has been a viral sensation in recent months with his viral video series. In the 10 minutes it takes to watch his popular A Year Ago series, he highlights the major social issues of the year.

Last week, a Bill Cosby joke went viral as several celebrities appeared on the show to share their memories of the comedian.

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