Japan to crack down on imports from North Korea

“We will take resolute and necessary actions to reopen the country’s borders as soon as a genuine basis for doing so is established,” the Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, said on Thursday.

Mr. Abe said in a statement that the following steps will be taken until the facts are known: The prime minister said Japan will enforce a prohibition on the transportation of dual-use, dangerous weapons to Korea and North Korea; Japan will work with South Korea and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to pursue measures against the movement of prohibited weapons on ships; and the government will coordinate with NATO and the United Nations (UN) to ban the transfer of missiles, radars and other dual-use goods across borders.

“Japan appreciates the efforts taken by South Korea and the UN Security Council over the missile development in North Korea, including consideration of stronger sanctions,” Mr. Abe said. “The situation is grave and changing quickly.”

Mr. Abe said Japan is ready to act together with the international community and “confront the security threats emanating from North Korea with all our strength.”

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