London bus lane confusion for motorists

Image copyright RIOCI WYNNE Image caption Police have warned drivers of speeding, excessive tint and failing to use a yellow warning signal

Motorists who don’t know where they are driving face more road chaos with the introduction of a “bus lane” on London’s The Esplanade.

Police have warned drivers of speeding, excessive tint and failing to use a yellow warning signal after the £4m tunnel was brought in on Sunday.

But some have been left confused by the location and lack of signage.

They’ve taken to social media to ask where they can park.


Image caption One driver said he found it easier to navigate round Waterloo using the wrong bit of pavement

Image caption Colin Johnson was parked on The Esplanade when a red vehicle pulled in next to him and a motorcyclist came out

The BBC asked the Metropolitan Police how many motorists were being targeted and what measures are being taken.

A spokesman said: “An enforcement effort will run until Saturday 5 March 2019 and the operation will be carried out in conjunction with various enforcement partners to address those deemed to be causing the disruption to the bus lane.”

Responding to claims on social media that the bus lane was encouraging more drivers to park outside the designated area, the police spokesman said: “Motorists are encouraged to stay in view of the arrow, park in the designated bus lane and travel to a safe location.”


Image caption Wendy Lorraine King feared that she and her child would be “kill[ed]” by the three-metre diameter barrier

Image caption @RMFLDOORShow said the red barrier posed a risk to children

Some drivers have appealed to the Transport for London (TfL) to put up signs explaining what the length of the bus lane is.

Others said it was easy to find parking on the left by using the demarcated stretches of the pavement.

Floodwater, fumes and fumes

Image caption A number of drivers drove on to pavements to continue their journey

Karen Reid, a social worker who was parking in front of a pub opposite where the bus lane starts, said: “It should have been more clearly signposted, but I’d be more surprised if it wasn’t.

“It doesn’t look like it’s been down to cars per se, but it looks like the car park, even though there’s parking on the far side.”

Caroline Pidgeon, chair of London Assembly’s Transport Committee, said: “By removing parking space for traffic, the new bus lane means more people will drive themselves or borrow their neighbours’ car if they cannot find a space close by.

“Citizens may also park along other surfaces, creating an unhealthy swirl of cars on the pavement, floodwater and fumes.”

Confusion over the operating hours was also raised, with one social media user saying that she was told there would be a two-hour parking limit on The Esplanade.

But a spokesperson for TfL said that the bus lane would operate from 7am until 11.30pm every day and would be free to use on weekends.

They added that parking spaces will be available to park on the right-hand side of the road.

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