Ted Koppel on Joe Biden: Is he trying to stay relevant?

Is Biden trying to stay relevant? Photo by White House photOSHot/Getty Images

Ted Koppel: “What kind of a guy does this?”

John Tabin: “It’s Biden.”

Ted Koppel: “Now that is the kind of guy who decides to travel to Jakarta after a terrorist attack and speak about removing the North Korean missile threat.”

John Tabin: “He still has some rep on the left.”

Ted Koppel: “He’s shrewd, he’s used to the public stage, and he doesn’t feel the pull of Senate electoral politics as much as some of his friends do.”

John Tabin: “It’s great on stage, but it’s tough on the home front.”

Ted Koppel: “This is a kind of headache that you do not get into every day.”

John Tabin: “It sounds like that health care thing worked out pretty well.”

Ted Koppel: “It worked pretty well. It also was a setback for Senator Graham. I remember thinking that the people of South Carolina would never be content with Senator Graham as the leading adversary to ObamaCare in the Senate. And what was he going to be able to do as that beleaguered adversary who was trying to make some sort of deal with John McCain?”

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