WATCH: Michigan Officer Helped Keep Shooter From Hundreds of Students During Massacre

Report: Gunman Had Shot Himself in the Head Before Entering High School

Gunmen Isolated Himself in a Mountain (video)

A 20-year-old man suspected of killing three people and wounding 15 others in the small, rural Michigan town of Ypsilanti last week reportedly went on a shooting rampage with a handgun that he had displayed on his leg, the Washtenaw County Medical Examiner’s Office told Fox News Thursday.

In a press conference on Monday, police said they suspect this was not a random attack but rather the act of a “frustrated and anxious” student in a long-running dispute with a classmate and an encounter with a police officer.

Police Chief James Berlin told reporters that two pistols were recovered at the scene and it’s believed that the gunman, identified as David Hollinghurst, an 18-year-old senior at Ypsilanti High School, had brought a handgun to school days before the Dec. 19 shooting. Hollinghurst did not have a concealed weapons permit, authorities said.

Berlin said investigators believe the suspect had a long-standing conflict with another student and got confrontational with a police officer assigned to the high school on the day of the shooting.

Authorities found the dead bodies of the suspect and a female student in a vehicle parked near the high school, authorities said. At least three of the victims were students at the school. At least three of the victims were students at the school. All of the students were male and all died of gunshot wounds.

Police said there was one other wounded student at the scene but he was in stable condition and not hospitalized. He was only 10 feet away from Hollinghurst when the suspect opened fire and reportedly was hit in the buttocks.

Berlin told reporters Monday that the suspect had displayed a handgun on his leg before he went to the school. The weapon used in the shooting was not registered with the county and would not have had to be registered because it was legal in Washtenaw County.

During the press conference, the police chief said the suspect was “very well-known” to police.

At a press conference on Thursday, Police Chief James Berlin said the man opened fire in a school hallway, reloaded his weapon multiple times, and opened fire again.

Chief Merkel said the suspect, 18-year-old David Hollinghurst, was “very well-known” to police.

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