Young Indiana woman disappears as friends find her disoriented in California

Authorities in the United States have begun the search for a young Indiana woman who mysteriously disappeared while in California just days after receiving a mysterious phone call telling her that she was being abducted, according to police reports. Katelyn Markham, 20, of Granger, Indiana, was last seen Saturday evening at a concert on the college campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara, according to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office.

The devastating call came on Monday from a registered sex offender, who told Markham that he’d seen her alive and well in Maryland, where her parents live. She later received an anonymous text on Tuesday, reported to be from the same man, indicating that he’d found her, though police say that they have not been able to track her down. “Markham has not been seen since the initial conversation with this person,” police told WTVF. “We are using leads we received from multiple sources from all over the country in an effort to locate her.”

The woman’s family, who set up a Facebook page dedicated to the search, are still searching for her. They want to know if she ran away and why she traveled thousands of miles away from home, and have pleaded for assistance. “Katelyn has always been a very independent young woman and can do amazing things on her own,” her mother, Edith Markham, wrote in an emotional plea to her daughter. “We worry about this a lot and want you home where you belong.”

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