Billie Eilish on her breakout year, being bullied on Instagram and what it’s like to play in Dublin

Listen to this month’s Spotlight from Irish-born Billie Eilish, via Soundcloud.

The songstress who shone at this year’s Soundset festival says she felt more confident about her performance than she ever has before.

Fashion-conscious Eilish appears on this month’s Spotlight on IrishCentral. We ask her if she would still wear a colt-inspired hip-hugging dress to perform at the Irish festivals of the future.

On being harassed online

“All of those [oh-so-thoughtful-comments] will probably just go away the minute I stop being Billie Eilish.

“It was scary and it was important, and yes, all of those people hating me, there’s tons of people that hate me but I don’t care.”

On her breakout year

“I had so much control over my career and it was just cool, the experience was awesome.”

“It wasn’t a lot of learning, because I had this thing really locked down and I knew exactly what I wanted.”

On enjoying performing live:

“I love coming to Ireland and playing music to audiences that are interested in music. The people that come to my shows, they want to have a good time, they’re into it. They’re so stoked, their reactions are cool, I love that.”

“It’s like being at home at my own party because it’s completely different to what I’ve ever done. I’m not worried.”

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